CATEMA® System System Description

The following is a general description of the CampusCredit Career and Technology Education Management Application (CATEMA® System) for managing articulated credit information relating to courses, classes, school districts, high schools, teachers, counselors, college registrars, college advisors, and students.

The web application is designed to provide a simple method to enter, update, display and report course articulation outcomes and Career and Technology Education related information. The web-based interface allows students, teachers, counselors, and school administrators establish and maintain their own user accounts. Teacher recommendations for credit are available to college counselors and registrars.

The System Administrator and staff can manage the web site and database through the web interface. Data access, entry and update can be performed from any web-enabled computer, from any location where the Internet is available such as the school classroom, high school computer lab, local library computer, public Internet kiosk, or from the individual user's home.

Principles implemented in the system
  • Make the system easily accessible to everyone in education
  • Validate all data at the point of entry to reduce entry errors
  • Minimize the tasks necessary for the students, teachers, and system staff
  • Provide easily accessible and printable data in detail & summary reports
  • Assure data is accurate and secure, with separation of student, teacher, and school information
    The application implements "SSL" encryption to protect information transmitted over the internet. The CATEMA® System adheres to FERPA guidelines relating to information privacy. Each user has specific access limitations based on user type, school/district affiliation, and user status.
    User Accounts and Login
    The system login method is the same as that commonly used for any limited access to a secure server on the web, and should be a familiar process for casual to frequent Internet users.

    Teacher and administrative users are responsible for signing in with a user name and password of their choice. They will enter a pass phrase question and answer to help them replace their password if it is forgotten. Students creating their system accounts are assigned an auto-generated username and password for simplicity.

    Users are able to check their own status and history in the program at any time. The primary responsibility for maintaining current personal information and password will remain with the individual user. School staff and the system staff can assist users if a login problem occurs.

    New student users will create an account, enter their personal information and their college ID. Students may enter a state ID number if required. The system will check for a duplicate number before accepting the college ID entry.

    If students enter a number that already exists in the system, they will be advised that an account has already been created for that number, and asked to contact their teacher for login assistance. If the wrong number has been entered, they will be allowed to re-enter the number. Although state-provided student ID numbers can be used, we recommend students use the college ID number provided by the articulating college to facilitate the "electronic verification" and acceptance of their earned credit by college registrars.
    Teacher Accounts
    When a teacher, high school counselor, or district administrator creates a new account, the system sends an email notice to the system administrator. The user's account information is reviewed and, if approved, the teacher will be notified by email that the account has been activated. Following activation, the teacher may then log into their teacher menu and begin creating their class rosters.

    To create a new "class", the teacher enters the school's descriptive name of the course and selects choice of items in a series of pull-down menus to complete the record. A teacher may create class records at one or more high schools in the same year. The entry sequence is as follows:

    Create New Class
  • Enter the high school's descriptive name for the course (text box)
  • Select semester (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or full year)
  • Select class period (first through eighth, or zero for early period)
  • Select high school (school where the class is being taught)
  • Select the (college articulated) course to be taught

    When the new "class" record is created, an email activation request is sent to system administrator for review and approval. On activation, the class becomes available to student users who have created their online accounts. The teacher can access the roster for each of the classes they are teaching in that school year, and can "accept" or "decline" the students individually. Teacher may also edit individual student records on their rosters.

    The system may be configured to include a list of "Competencies" for each of the system courses. Using the online competency form, the teacher can rate a student for each course competency, by selecting a rating value from 1 to 5. The teacher may also enter a number grade for each student enrollment.

    At the bottom of the competency form, the teacher can select "Yes" or "No" for a recommendation of college credit. The competency form includes a link to the "Scoring Guidelines" page to assist the teacher with competency scoring decisions. Either the number grade, or the course "Competencies", or both may be used to rate a student. Teachers may print class rosters as well as individual student outcome reports.
    High School Counselor/Administrator Accounts
    High School counselors and administrators have similar access to data as the teachers, but there are two significant differences. The counselor/admin Account is read only. They may not add or edit system data, however, they can update their own personal record information.

    While a teacher is limited to viewing only their own classes and the student applications for those classes, the counselor may view all teacher, class, and student application records related to the school they are affiliated with. School counselors may print class rosters and individual student outcome reports, and assist with forgotten passwords.
    Student Accounts
    After new students have created their own account, they will be able to log in to the system with their own user name and password. Students will be allowed to apply/register for a "Class" which represents a specific articulated college course, taught at a specific school, by a specific teacher, for a specific semester and school year.

    The student's application record will remain in "pending" status on the class roster until "accepted" or "rejected" by the class teacher. Students may apply for classes at one or more high schools in the same school year.

    To apply for a "class" the student selects choices of items in a series of interrelated pull-down menus. Each selection narrows the available items in the next menu. The selection sequence is as follows:

    Create New Enrollment Record
  • Select High School
  • Select Teacher
  • Select Course (Class)
  • Select Class Period (by semester or full year)

    If a student creates an application for the wrong class, the teacher can usually correct the record. Occasionally, it may be necessary for system staff to intervene.

    Students may log into their account at any time to view their application status, to update their personal information, or to create a new application record for another course. The system will confirm that a student has not already applied for the same system course in the same semester of a school year. They will have access to apply for classes for the "current" school year only.

    Students are also able to view their entire enrollment history in the system, and can print the competency/outcome form for each class they have enrolled in.
    System Administrator and Staff Accounts
    The system staff's primary tasks in the management of the system are to approve new teacher applications and new classes, and to assist users as needed. The system administrator has full edit, read and write access to all areas of the system.

    The System Administrator's primary tasks
  • Approve new teachers "accounts"
  • Approve the new "classes" for the current school year
  • Review and close classes from the previous school year
  • Update "Courses Available", "Participating Districts/Schools" lists
  • Run routine summary and detail reports
  • Occasionally assist with forgotten user names and pass phrases

    System Admistrator and staff users have immediate access to detailed, as well as summary information for the current school year and all previous years.

    College Staff Accounts
    College counselors, coordinators, advisors and registrars may look up students by social security number, and/or by student name. Their user account allows them to check for/verify a student's recommendation for college credit. They can view a student's complete system course history, and the registrar can record whether the student was awarded credit by the college.
    The system described above represents the core functions and features of the CampusCredit Career And Technology Education Management Application. System support, hosting solutions, and custom application's are also available.

    CATEMA<sup>®</sup> System - Management Application For Career and Technology Education

  • CATEMA® is a registered trademark of CampusCredit